Collection: First Friday

Marvel at how Carrie's determination and creativity produced 100 rings in 100 days! Lichen is proud to host Carrie as a guest artist — Shop the collection of rings during the entire month of May.

A few words from Carrie: "All of my work is handmade in my home studio in Fairbanks, Alaska. I use traditional techniques and tools to cut, shape, and form each piece. I found my passion for making jewelry as a teenager while working as an apprentice jeweler. I was originally hired to do beadwork – learning the basics in metalwork opened a new chapter & I was hooked. I learned a lot at the jewelry shop, and continue to learn on my own - lots of books, lots of mistakes, and the occasional workshop. My home studio has been built with tools collected over many years, some were purchased new, while many were used by hands before mine."