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Air Plant in Peach Selenite Holder #186

Air Plant in Peach Selenite Holder #186

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 Air Plant - Tillandsia


☀️Happy in most light conditions. Does require some light that can be either bright indirect sunlight or consistent indoor lighting. Will tolerate some direct light and some shade.

💧Soak once a week. Leaves should be thoroughly wet with clean, room temp water. Avoid the base of the plant. After dunking in water, gently shake out excess water and set upside down to dry out before returning to holder. Chlorine and other chemicals in water can affect plants. Rainwater, distilled, or bottled water are best.

🌡️ Prefer high humidity. A bathroom or kitchen window where steam and moisture will make them very happy. More humidity will prevent tips from browning. If browning does occur, you can gently trim off tips or bottom leaves. Grow best between 60-80F

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