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Elm Designs

Square Mokume Posts by Elm Designs

Square Mokume Posts by Elm Designs

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These earrings are small, square Mokume Gane posts. The Mokume Gane is made with sterling silver, copper, and shibuichi (copper/silver alloy). The ear posts and backings are made from argentium silver.

Mokume Gane, meaning “wood grained metal” in Japanese, is a metalsmithing technique that joins different metals together using high pressure and heat. The result is a single brick, comprised of metals that have been stacked together in a formulated sequence to produce unique color combinations. Once the Mokume brick is created, designs and patterns of the metal can be further produced. The most common methods used are twisting, stretching, pressing, and wearing down of individual layers.

The Mokume Gane is oxidized to create a beautiful, rich brown, grey, and silver color. Variations of this color may occur with continued use as the metals react to the wearer's body chemistry.

Entirely handcrafted by Lara McGlinchy of ELM Designs in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Slight differences may be present, as each individual piece is made from start to finish just for you.

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